Our Team

Joey Friedman



Joey Friedman is a Gainesville, Florida, entrepreneur whose business ventures, most notably INVO Enterprises, Inc., are as multi-faceted, successful, and dazzling as his personal life. Joey scuba dives for fun, has 2 kangaroos as pets, is a Certified Public Accountant, has a real estate license, as well as a pilot’s license, and has earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and another Master’s Degree in Accounting. Additionally, Joey has owned several restaurants, developed and operated 3 companies, and in his spare time visited 28 countries, and almost every state. Joey has acted in national TV commercials and been featured in over 15 newspaper and magazine articles.

Known for his extravagant wardrobe, Joey often dons designer jeans and one of his extensive collection of bright and exciting dress shirts. Joey knows that his clients expect excitement and fun with their INVO Enterprises experience — so Joey meets their expectations, presenting a brand of himself that is both client friendly and genuine.

For Joey, a Miami native who grew up in Parkland, Florida, before moving to Gainesville, whatever he does, he does completely and without shortcuts. His personal life illustrates the point. As he says on his Facebook page, “when I’m out exploring the world, you’re likely to find me completely immersing myself and taking full advantage of all the local opportunities such as riding through the desert on a camel, scuba diving with sharks, climbing a mountain, swimming with stingrays, or zip-lining hundreds of feet over the rainforest!”

Joey holds a Master’s Degree in International Business, Bachelor’s in Accounting, with minors in Economics and Criminology, and Graduate Certificate in New Venture Creation from the University of Florida. He holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University as well as a private pilot license, CPA license, and Florida Real Estate License. He is also NAUI advanced scuba certified.

Joey Friedman doesn’t just think outside the box, he fills the box, inside and out. “It makes no sense,” says Joey, “to try to be the second place version of someone else rather than the first place version of yourself.” Joey Friedman gives everyone 100%, and it’s 100% Joey Friedman.

Mike Farzad



With a passion for never leaving a project unfinished, Mike Farzad has helped develop a once fledgling company called INVO Enterprises into the dominant brand it is today. His specialty and experience lies in sales, marketing & management. He received his BSBA in Decision Information Science (DIS) from the University of Florida and a MSBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida. In the past 8 years, he’s created 3 companies including a college sports bar and grill, a restaurant & a marketing company. The marketing company, INVO Enterprises, was created in 2006 and has generated revenues in excess of $5 million.

He’s helped grow the clientele base from local companies to numerous Fortune 500 companies and one of the largest student housing property owners in the country. In addition to the core business of marketing & advertising, he was able to grow INVO Enterprises into several other industries and thus diversify the portfolio of services. By doing so, Mike has solidified INVO Enterprises as a leader in print media, transportation, promotional products, & advertising to the college demographic. In achieving all of his goals, Mike has never lost sight of one of the most important and fundamental principles of business and life- “It’s all about relationships.”